Always a pleasure

Always a pleasure having Lotter Electrical come to my house to do work. Friendly, fast, efficient, and knowledgeable. Brian Lotter and the team did an excellent job with my mini-split installation. Once again, thanks a lot, we really like it!

– Joseph A

Can Count on You

Brian is the best. His responses to my questions are always friendly, helpful, and he has a good sense of humor. All of the guys that come out have never caused me any problems. Their efficiency and politeness are commendable. You have always been a reliable resource for me, and I have referred someone to you in the past.

– Lisa K

Outstanding Work

You did a great job! Excellent as always!!! He is an excellent employee for you. Expertise and professionalism are both very high! Whenever Brian has worked on my houses, he has always done a great job! Have a wonderful holiday season!

– Mary L

Professional & Courteous

Friendly and professional, they sent a technician to service my hot water heater on the same day it was malfunctioning. The problem was fixed the first time!

– Tom C.

Very Impressed

Lotter Electrical responded promptly to our broken panel board problems. They worked efficiently, quickly, and with knowledge. We also received clear communication from their office. Thank you for your hard work!

– Jerry M.

Stellar work

I’ve been with your company for many years and I’ve always been treated fairly; the quality of work you provide is always fantastic!

– Winston L.

So Glad I Found Your Company!

“Thank you for all your hard work and great employees! Your technician just finished up, so glad I found you guys!”

– Jeff T.


This was my first time using their service and I was impressed. They are fast to respond, and they will give you a slot as soon as possible ..t was a pleasure working with Brian and their electrician. It was no hassle at all… it is worth engaging their service and I will be using them again. This product would definitely be recommended to my family and friends. Thanks a lot.

– Donald D.

30+ Years of experience

Licensed & Trusted by thousands 


How much are service fees and overtime charges?

We believe in providing our customers with the best electrical service possible, which is why we won’t charge you a service fee or overtime charges! Our up front, fixed pricing model guarantees that you won’t pay a dime more than your agreed upon price. We’ll always sign a contract outlining the scope of work needed and exact pricing – before any work is done!

How can I lower my electric bill?

When it comes to saving money on your monthly electric bill, taking small steps (like only operating a minimal amount of lights in the room you’re in) can go a long way towards lower utility bills. Also be sure to turn off any TVs or electrical devices when not in use. Additionally, your HVAC system and water heater account for the bulk of your electrical expenditures. Therefore, making sure your furnace, central air conditioning unit, and water heater are in good working condition can have a significant impact on lowering energy costs. Try setting your thermostat a little bit higher than normal (in the summer) and lower (in the winter) or taking faster showers.

What are the components you check to make sure a property is safe?

The switchboard, electrical wiring, earthing connections, fittings and smoke alarms are some of the things we look at. If you suspect any problems with these components be sure to get a licensed electrician to check.