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Electrical Installations

Does your electrical system need updating, or does your lighting need updating?

Electrical Repairs and Maintenance

Are your lights flickering for no apparent reason? Have you experienced a random power outage in one of your rooms?

Heat Pump Supply and Installation

Whether you’re looking for a new heater or replacing an old one, we can help.

Heat Pump Repairs and Maintenance

Heat pumps that are more than 10 years old may be less efficient and more susceptible to damage.

Home Ventilation Systems

From cooking, showering, drying clothes, boiling the kettle, and breathing, a family of four generates as much moisture as 24 pints per day! Besides dust, pollen, smoke, and particulates, there are many more pollutants inside the home, which is why ventilation is so important.

LED Lighting & Downlight Replacement

Every time you turn on your light, you may be burning about 95% of your electricity to heat a bulb, and only 5% to light it. That’s such a waste!

Switch Board Upgrades

Maintaining your home’s electrical integrity begins with your switchboard. You can rest assured that your family and your home are safe with our experienced, reliable switchboard upgrade service in New Zealand.

Hot Water Element & Thermostat Repairs and Maintenance

Maintaining your hot water heater is crucial to ensuring it stays in great condition and extends its lifespan.

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