Heat Pump Supply and Installation


From our residential and commercial heating installation service can assist with any new heater installation or replacement. Lotter Electrical provides top-notch heating systems that you can rely on. Since we know you will rely on a well-made heater for years to come, we offer the best choices.

Types of Heating Systems We Install

Heat Pumps
Wall mounted systems
Floor mounted systems
Ducted system
Ceiling cassettes

Lotter Electrical can install a new heating system that is high-performance and energy-efficient, one of the greatest benefits. As a result, all the benefits are yours to enjoy. The filtration provided by a newer system usually reduces asthma symptoms, allergy symptoms, respiratory problems, mold and mildew symptoms, and other illnesses associated with mold and mildew. Besides lowering your energy costs and energy usage, it provides more even heating and provides peace of mind regarding fire and carbon monoxide hazards. The simple act of replacing your old HVAC.

When to Replace Your Heater

As a heater age, it becomes less efficient and has to work harder to keep your home or business warm. If your heater produces insufficient heat, sounds loud during operation, or heats your space unevenly, it may need to be replaced. Your heater might require frequent repairs if it has been around for more than 15 years. The time is probably right to replace your computer if you notice any of these problems. Heating installation services are provided by Lotter Electrical with the highest level of trust and reliability. The experts at our company.

Frequent Repairs

Typically, heater components do not wear out at the same time, so you’ll need a new heating system every time one fails.

Inconsistent Temperature

The heater doesn’t maintain an even temperature in your home or business. If the heater is.

Loud Operating Noise

It may be time to replace your heating system if you hear banging, loud humming or squealing while it runs.